Things to do on Your River Tanking Adventure during your Nebraska Vacation

River tanking is one of Nebraska’s favorite pastimes.  What is river tanking?  It’s simple.  We take a stock tank, load you, your friends and your family up in one and float it down the river!  Over the last few years, river tanking (tanking, stock tank floating, stock tanking, etc.) has become an extremely popular way for friends and family to spend some quality time during their Nebraska vacation to take in and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

According to the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, Nebraska has approximately 24,000 miles of flowing rivers and streams and about 430 square miles of lakes and carried on throughout the state on the many shallow and slow-flowing streams.  These shallow, slow-flowing streams provide the perfect outlet to go river tanking and lazily float along under the big, blue Nebraska sky.  There are plenty of activities that you and your friends or family can take part in while enjoying the ride.  Here are just a few. 

Relax – Tanking isn’t meant to be a high-adrenaline experience.  As your river tanking party mosies down the river, take the time to take in the beautiful, vast Nebraska landscape.  Use the time to listen to the sound of the winding river and the breeze as it makes its way through the tall grass.  Take in the bright sun and big, blue sky and enjoy the peace and quiet.  River tanking can be a truly rejuvenating experience for the mind, body, and soul. 

Have Fun – There’s a reason river tanking has become so popular over the last few years.  It’s because people have so much fun doing it!  Bring a deck of cards or two and play some of your favorite card games with your family.  Magnetic board games aren’t just great for your Nebraska vacation, but they’re also really useful when floating down the river on your river tanking trip.

Bring a Book – What better time to catch up on your reading than while river tanking in Nebraska?  Bring a good book with you to help you relax and unwind a little bit.  The peace and quiet of the Nebraska landscape is the perfect opportunity for you to completely immerse yourself in whichever thrilling novel you’re currently reading.

Bring Snacks – River tanking can be a long adventure, so be sure you have plenty of fuel to keep you and your family prepared for whatever other activities you have planned for the day.  One of the nice things about river tanking on your Nebraska vacation is that you can keep your beverage and food cooler in the tank and still have plenty of room.

River tanking on your Nebraska vacation is a fun time for the whole family, and the Sandhills of Nebraska are a great place for your Nebraska vacation and river tanking fun!  Come unwind on one of our river tanking tours.  We provide the tanks, all you have to do is show up and be ready to have some fun!  The Sandhills Motel & Glidden Canoe Rental offers your perfect escape to enjoy your Nebraska vacation for your river tanking trips. Give us a call at (308) 546-2207, (308) 546-9329 or contact us here. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook, and we hope to see you soon!