They come from miles around, streaming in from the hectic, high-strung nature of their everyday lives to relax and float down one or more of Nebraska’s many winding rivers. From the Niobrara and the Dismal, to the Middle Loup and the Calamus, Nebraska tanking is full of sun, fun, and floating. It’s just the ticket for those in need of a little downtime. After all, what can’t a good river float cure? When you’re looking for a break from it all—a little rest and relaxation to soothe your nerves and revive your energy—it might just be the lazy twists and turns of tanking a Nebraska river and the beautiful scenery unfolding around every bend that can deliver the idyllic vacation you’ve been dreaming of.

Tanking the River in Nebraska

The Sandhills region in central Nebraska is one of the prime locations in the state for floating of all shapes and sizes: inner tubes, inflatable chairs, multi-ride float stations, etc. However, Glidden Canoe Rentals is a widely popular Nebraska tanking site situated along the Dismal River and the Middle Loup River. With one visit, you’ll understand how and why this destination has made a special name for itself as the best in stock tank floating.

What is stock tank floating? This popular river float option begins with a stock tank—a container commonly used in the Nebraska region to supply drinking water to livestock or horses. These tanks are typically made of steel, ranging in size anywhere from 30 gallons to 1500 gallons. For farm and ranch animals, the stock tank is designed to be watertight, keeping essential fluids stored for ranging herds. On the river, this same impermeable quality is what keeps water in and creates an ideal vessel for a fun and safe river float. How safe is it?

Stock Tank Floating Safety

Like we said, the stock tank is watertight, so you won’t find yourself bailing out halfway through your relaxing river float. Likewise, some potential river floaters might worry about the water levels and currents of these Nebraska waterways. Rest assured; the Dismal and Middle Loup Rivers of the Sandhills region don’t vary much in volume and velocity. Why? Because these rivers are not subject to snowpack melt and runoff. The Dismal and the Middle Loup are regulated by the Ogallala Aquifer beneath the surface. In addition, their location in a terrain dominated by sandy soil means that extra precipitation is soaked up like a sponge.

Some might say that if you haven’t experienced tanking a Nebraska river, then you haven’t really lived. At Glidden Canoe Rentals in Mullen, Nebraska, we won’t go that far…but we will tell you that a good river float in a repurposed stock tank is an experience you won’t regret! Imagine a Nebraska tanking vacation dominated by quality fun and even higher quality company. Floating is all about relaxing and taking in the scenery, but it’s also a social event.

Come to the Sandhills of central and give stock tank floating a try. You’ll leave ready to start planning your trip for next year!