It’s hard to believe that March is already here! The days are growing longer, the weather is getting warmer, and our urge to get back on the road again is stronger than ever before after sitting idle for the last 12 months. With so many places to visit and so many things to do as we return to normal, there has never been a greater moment than this to get out and see the world around us. And while we completely understand that a town with a population of slightly more than 350 residents in central Nebraska may not be at the very top of your must-see destination list, we’re here to wholeheartedly convince you to come see us here in Mullen, Nebraska.

Think of this as an ice breaker – you can get to know a little bit about us and we’ll get to know a bit about you once you realize that Mullen is as iconic as the Sandhills that surround us.

For starters, Mullen may quite literally be the most quaint, relaxing town you’ll ever visit. Some even say we’re the most peaceful small town in America – just ask Joe and Pam! (To be clear, we don’t know a Joe and Pam, but you get the point) After a tumultuous year of unexpected twists and turns, finding somewhere to spend some time in that’ll bring you back down to earth may be exactly what you need as we all look to re-calibrate our lives.

With Midwestern hospitality exuding from every nook and cranny around town, Mullen simply does ‘peopling’ right. We welcome newcomers with open arms and open hearts. Eager to share advice on the best places to go, you’ll feel comfortable walking up to any resident you see on the street, here. And while our people are pretty darn great, there is also something to be said about the unique assortment of businesses to visit around town. From delicious food at Red’s to fun times at Lucy’s variety store, you’re bound to leave town with a new recipe, unique souvenir, and some amazing memories. Looking to learn about the history of Mullen and the surrounding area? Stop by the Hooker County Historical Museum!

There’s so much to do here!

As much as we love the town of Mullen itself, we can’t forget to mentioned the stunning scenery that envelopes our town. Whether you’re cruising the scenic Sandhills byway or spending the day floating down the Middle Loup River, the fun doesn’t just stop in Mullen. The fun is here and all around us.

From ice fishing to horseback riding to tanking, the Nebraska Sandhills are your playground and can be seen for miles in every which direction.

We’d love for you to come see us!

While we’re sure we could easily write thousands of words on why Mullen deserves to be a part of your NE travel plans, we’ll let this article speak for itself. No matter where you’re coming from, know that we’d be delighted to have you here at Glidden Canoe Rentals. See you soon!