Warm, sunny days here in Nebraska beg to be spent floating lazily down the river, with something cold to drink close at hand and great company to share in the views, so it’s no wonder that tanking has become a regional activity that is loved by those of all ages. Not familiar with what “tanking” means? Well, we’re here to let you in on our state secret and get you hooked on the tanking life!

Rumor has it that tanking originated in the Sandhills area, when a bored farmer threw a couple of lawn chairs into a stock tank and went for an impromptu journey down the river. Today, the same common piece of ranching equipment is used in the activity, allowing three to six people to cruise down the river at a time. The tanks, which measure seven to nine feet across, are practically unsinkable, making a tanking trip perfect for those seeking a dry, relaxing ride.

Still not sold on the whole tanking idea? Tanks are spacious, so there are plenty of places to lounge, and they are easy to get in and out of. Some tanks are outfitted with picnic tables, allowing you to play a hand of cards or a board game, eat lunch… the possibilities are endless. With enough room to pack a cooler, you can also indulge in some ice cold beers while you chat with your crew. Tanking requires almost no need to paddle, and the tanks move relatively slowly, leaving you time to take photos and videos, and really enjoy the quality time with your friends and family.

Here at the Glidden Canoe Rentals, we offer two options for stock tank trips: a two hour ride, or an excursion lasting five to six hours.  We also provide all of the tanking equipment you’ll need, including life jackets. All you’ll need to be sure to bring are some snacks, drinks, games and your nearest and dearest! We also offer kayak and canoe river adventures, giving you some fun options for your next Nebraska vacation.

Fans of tanking should also be sure to keep an eye out in early March, when the Polar Bear Tank Race is held. In this timed event, teams of four to six race down the Middle Loup River for the chance to win prizes. Teams are encouraged to be creative in choosing a team name and theme, as well as decorate their tank and themselves according to their chosen theme. This annual event grows each year, and proceeds go to benefit the Sandhills Scenic Journey Byway.

For fantastic kayaking, canoeing and tanking in Nebraska, turn to Glidden Canoe Rentals and make your next vacation a memorable one. Call us today at (308) 546-2206 to book your adventure!