Camping Hacks for Pets
When the summer months come around, it becomes camping season. Many campgrounds allow guests to have pets, and bringing along a pet is one way to make sure they aren’t lonely when you leave them at home. Here are some camping hacks for pets.

Bring an old dog bed

Unless you’re okay with cuddling in a small tent with your pet, bring an old bed of theirs. It’s best to make sure it’s old since your pet will probably be getting dirty during your camping trip. Depending on how comfortable you are with the campsite, you can keep the bed outside or you can allow your pet to sleep inside the tent with you. Along with this, it also gives your animal a place to lay down when everyone is just hanging out around the campfire.

Bring insect repellent

When your pet is out playing in grass or trees, it is prone to getting ticks. The best way to deal with this situation is to prevent it before it happens. The most common camping hacks are to get a tick collar or tick spray. The tick collar can stay on your pet the entire camping trip, but the tick spray will have to be reapplied daily. If you’re worried about pesticides, you can make your own natural tick repellent by mixing two tablespoons of almond oil with Rose Geranium oil. After this, place a few drops on your pet’s neck or collar. This will ensure that camping with dogs doesn’t turn into them bringing the camping trip home with them.

LED light for the collar

Sometimes during the night, the only thing providing light is the fire you set up earlier. It is nerve racking to wonder where your pet is then having to find a flashlight and call their name to find them. Purchase a LED light for their collar. This way, you will always know where they are when it’s dark outside. LED lights are the best option since you can see the blue color from a distance.

Bring a Carabiner

This camping hack will make keeping your dog at your campsite easier. Sometimes it is hard to find a good pole to tie the leash around, so if there is a carabiner attached to the end of your pet’s leash, you can secure their leash to anything. If you have an active pet, bring along some rope. Tie each end onto a tree, and then connect the leach to the rope. Now your pet has more room to run and play, making camping with dogs much easier.

Extra marshmallows

S’mores is a traditional camping food item. Chocolate is toxic to most pets, but thankfully, marshmallows are not. Marshmallows are just sugar, so if you don’t mind having a chunky pet, give them a few. They’ll enjoy the sweet treat after a long day.

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