Tents are seen as the traditional way to spend the night in the middle of nowhere, but are they becoming a pastime? As camping becomes more popular, people are finding new camping styles to get the most out of the fresh air. RV dealerships are starting to take off as well as campers that attach to vehicles. Campgrounds that offer lodges or cabins have become more popular for those who want to experience what the great outdoors has to offer without weathering the elements. With these new camping styles placed in your head, here’s a list on all the new ways you can experience the great outdoors on your next camping trip.

RVs/Travel Trailers/Campers

Recreational vehicles (or RVs for short) are great for those who pack too much for a tent. RVs are spacious and equipped with places to cook, sleep and relax. It’s an easy way to travel the great outdoors for those who are making a long trek and want the ability to travel at any pace that they choose. It’s a stress-free way to explore new places and create family memories. For those who enjoy camping but don’t want to give up on the amenities (ahem, bathrooms) that they’re used to, RVs are an ideal option to enjoy what the great outdoors has to offer.

Travel trailers/campers are similar to RVs, but require a vehicle to tow them. Trucks tend to be a requirement to haul these types of campers around. They can be easier for those who want to keep their spot at a campground but still have freedom to roam around the great outdoors. Trailers and campers can be compared to RVs for amenities, but may not have the same amount of room inside.


Lodges and cabins are new camping styles that offer plenty of amenities for travelers looking for an easy way to explore the great outdoors. Some campgrounds (like Sandhills Motel) have rooms for people to rent if they prefer packing a little lighter than those driving in an RV. Since the area is already set up, time and energy are preserved for more entertaining things in the great outdoors, like hiking or canoeing. Lodges and cabins provide better shelter from the elements than a tent. However, these buildings can fill up quickly from those who want a quick, easy vacation. Open rooms can be scarce, so booking in advance is the best option for those who want a hassle free way to enjoy the great outdoors. Our motel is located in town and our cabins are at the motel with other rooms.

Unique accommodations

“Glamping” has become a new term in the travel world that can be defined as glamorous camping. It’s various new camping styles offer ways to experience rest and relaxation in the great outdoors in extremely unique housing. For example, yurts are large, round tents that use specific framework to hold their form. They can range in size from an office to a small family home. This type of shelter has a low ecological footprint and can provide stable shelter for long periods of time. They can be expensive, but there are places that offer this type of “tent” for rent. Teepees have been around for centuries and have been modernized to help ensure each guest is comfortable while experiencing the great outdoors. Although there are available options for building your own teepee, there are plenty of campgrounds that offer some to rent. Tree houses have become the most popular type of way to go glamping. Modern architects have designed tree houses to be placed all over the world to provide new camping styles suitable for all ages. This gives travelers a different way to experience the great outdoors around the world without having to stay in a hotel every time. It’s also a fun way to get in touch with your inner child.

Not all of the new camping styles are for everyone, so find the one that suits you the best and stick with it. If you feel like trying something new, there are plenty of options out there to face the great outdoors. Camping in Nebraska can be a fun and easy way to accommodate everyone in a relaxing manner. At Glidden Canoe Rentals spots for RV and tent camping are available. For more information, call (308) 546-2207, (308) 546-9329 or visit our website to make your reservation today.